Tuesday, May 22, 2012

How did 6 YEARS turn into 6 short WEEKS?!

Yesterday marked the 6 week count down until I start my new job, which means our family is in the process of relocating from Auburn, Alabama to Athens, Georgia.
  • Am I excited? Sure.
  • Am I ready for a new adventure? I think so.
  • Do I have to continually remind myself that I am excited because my heart is breaking a little bit? Yup.
The word “relocate” seems so nonchalant – to locate again or to establish in a new place. It doesn’t really capture the whole “leave your friends, family, and community and start from scratch” part of it.

Those who know me keep telling me things like, “See? Auburn wasn’t so bad, was it?” Growing up in Georgia, I was raised as a dawg through and through. My blood runs red and black; my heart sings “Glory, glory to Ole Georgia;” and, I won’t lie, I get a little misty eyed on game days surround by 92,000+ of my closest friends!

Somehow even with all that Georgia lovin’, the Lord had different plans for me. He led me to Alabama to be a student at AU, and this is where I have spent the last 6 years – essentially my whole adult life. As corny as it sounds, I have truly experienced my highest highs and lowest lows in the greater Auburn/Opelika area.

Each day as I drive to work I am so vividly reminded of this beautiful, crazy roller coaster that I have been riding calledlife. I see:

  • the building I was in when I found out my grandma had passed;
  • the doctor’s office I wept in when struggling with infertility issues;
  • the bank where I signed my divorce papers;
  • my 1st solo apartment where I had to figure out life on my own;
  • the homes of friends who loved me when I felt so alone;
  • the office of my mentor who believed in me when I was filled with self-doubt;
  • the restaurant where I went on a “group date” with my soon-to-be husband, Adam;
  • the first townhouse that Adam and I moved into after we were married; and
  • the hospital where I gave birth to the most beautiful baby girl.
All that to say, if you see a gold, Honda swerving in the road, don’t mind me! I am just reminiscing and probably leaning down to find a tissue :) What a journey the past 6 years have been. I came ready to learn as a university student, but I am leaving with life lessons and blessings that aren’t taught in textbooks.

Change is hard, and I am not 100% sure that I am ready for this move. Yet, here’s to believing that friends are just a phone call away and that new memories are ready to be made!

**The Greer Family**

And here's to hoping that I get back to blogging now that I have finished my dissertation!  

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